Jennifer MacEachern

I provide coaching, mentoring, and inspiration for working mothers like yourself. I offerer effective, stress-free weight loss solutions, enabling you to reclaim your health and have a more joyful motherhood experience.

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From Burnout to Brilliance: A Mom’s Guide to Reclaiming Her Life

Do you believe in happily ever after? This ebook is for all the moms who are feeling a little lost in the process of trying to be the best mom possible. It is filled with stories of turmoil, overwhelm, & exhaustion and tactical ways to break free.

One on One Coaching

It’s time to prioritize YOU and take control of your health & happiness. That’s where my 1 on 1 wellness coaching comes in – a tailored approached designed specifically for you.

All Around Wellness

This is my 9 module signature program that will get you from completely exhausted to a fully present energized mom. There is a detailed workbook to guide you through the material and 1 on 1 coaching!